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Track Changes is a great feature of Microsoft Word that allows you to see what changes have been made to a document. The tools for track changes can be found on the Reviewing tab of Microsoft Word.

When Microsoft Word track changes function is on, you should be able to see all formatting changes done by proofreader. Windows users, any deleted text by our proofreaders will show up with a line through it, and any inserted content by our proofreaders should be shown by underlined.

You will have 4 options to view your proofread file:

  • Final Showing Markup:  This option will help to see the proofread document with all changes done by proofreader
  • Final:  This option will help to see the proofread document, without any changes done by proofreader
  • Original Showing Markup:  This option will help to see the original document with the changes displayed
  • Original:  This option will help to see the original document without any changes done by proofreader

4 ways to see a proofread document

Accept and Reject individual items in Microsoft Word

Accept and Reject individual changes

We would like to suggest you to go through your document and accept or reject the changes done by our proofreader at your document. To reject or accept the changes done by our proofreader please click the right button on your mouse, on the red words, then a short menu will show up, then you can either Accept or Reject the change done by our proofreader by clicking on the dropped menu. Accepted by you the change should integrate in to the proofread document.

Accept All Changes in your proofread document

Accept/reject all changes done by our proofreader, click on the arrow to the right of the Accept Changes or Reject Changes button and select Accept All Changes in the Document or Reject All Changes in the Document. Please remember that the option of "Reject All Changes in Document" will not remove/delete comments from your proofread document. In order to delete all comments in your proofread document in one step please choose Delete All Comments in Document.

Accept All Changes in Microsoft Word

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