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Why the proofreader of English is needed?

Preparation and release of an Internet site in a worldwide network is as difficult phase as edition of magazine, newspaper or book. It also includes certain stages from the creation of the text to its release. One of the important stages is a professional text proofreading. For consistency, such proofreading is done twice, after creation of the text of the site and at the time of placement on the site. It is better if the proofreader will do this work on paper. Such an optimal result proofreading will be achieved due to the fact that the proofreader is not the author of the article and sees the text for the first time. The main advantage of working with a proofreader of the English language lies in used method of a new perception of the text, because the author can miss mistakes in the article. Multiple reading by the author of his text may leave typos and grammar problems in the text. Such check takes a lot of time, but still does not give the desired result. And only after publishing or posting on the website you may notice the fatal errors, missing letters, misplaced commas. These errors can have a significant impact on the overall perception of the text, article in a magazine or on the website. In this case, in the process of formation and preparation of an article or text, the mandatory rule is that the text should be read by a professional proofreader, not the author.