Every essay - is spending some intellectual and physical resources. Do not waste your time, never to 'narrow' themes that are interesting to nobody. You can not spend time on the essay, which will become obsolete sooner than you can protect her, you can not spend time on the thesis, which will go on the shelf and forgotten in six months. Always try to choose the right balance of work and the importance of the effort. Any essay - it is worth the effort. Once, one of my co-author wanted to work on car sales, he ordered a work association car sellers. He worked on this subject for some time, analyze sales, built a regression model, and before its surrender to the customer told me that he did. I told him that everything turns out well, but does not include macro factors that affect the economy as a whole. Therefore, if it is something "shook" in the system, everything can change. And he told me calmly responds that no, nothing will happen.

The paper should be proofread and must be a fundamental element, do not just technical work, framed values ​​framed parameters, the computer thought, got some conclusions. You see, there must be a new approach to the problem, it is not necessarily a breakthrough in science, but at least something new must be. A solidity achieved is very simple - we need a model, let even quite unpretentious, but should be a model. This applies to all sciences, not only of mathematics, economics, political science, the work must be new models, leading to new perspectives.

Very often the problem to be solved, derive from the needs of practice. Here I understand the practice widely, it is not only the specific needs of specific customers. Analysing the practical task, you can often come up with very general model. effort and time planning. Solving problems - it is always time-consuming. And graduate students often can not do science, we need days off. When negotiating with the employer, be sure to arrange a free day, at least one day a week to have been free, and even Saturday and Sunday. You are making an investment in yourself today. If you have these days off have not, do 'proofreading essay', and then try to write a thesis, nothing good comes out of it.

It may be said that no serious employer would not do it; if you pay a lot of money, require a full commitment. In fact, with clever businessmen can agree. I have several students as agreed, I've asked a few of these guys. It is important to understand the employer - it, allowing her to study in graduate employee receives after a while more qualified personnel and at the same time does not pay for this training. I have two years ago was a smart girl in the magistracy. She has worked in a very well-known western companies. We had done quite a serious work, and then she wanted to do to me in graduate school. In the company's load was such that when it is in the evening, tired, came to me, I realized that I was her say something, but she did not accept. I can not deal with post-graduate students in this mode. Moreover, your output at a load will be zero. Academic Council discussed all the time that the output of graduate students is very low, do not remember the numbers, but they are really very small.