The most important thing for all graduate international students: it is necessary to read a lot, if you do not read, you can not pretend that you are in your field know something. It is necessary to view all the major magazines and, most importantly, books. It takes time. Dissertation without a good, qualified review - it is not a dissertation.

Supervisor can help by pointing out what major magazines to read, what are the main articles in the field need to know. It is very important that when you read, you have to create for yourself a certain image field, this image field is not created simply read transfer works, we need a look. We have a colleague, whom I love and respect, asserted that you can write a review and formulate the problem by reading a hundred annotations work in this area. This is not true. Dissertation - is a view of the problem, review the thesis - is not just a list of works. The survey, which simply tells the other people's work, will not be interesting to anyone. The review by your ideas and your results should be refracted known facts. You can hold this analogy. If scientific achievements in any area compared to the building, just a consistent description of published works can be compared with the sequential description of bricks. A good overview of the entire building shows in some perspective. This angle is determined by your model. Another important component of a good thesis - a good education. Before starting any scientific work, it is necessary to get some basic knowledge. Do not count on the fact that "on the fingers" able to get serious scientific results. Science there are more than 4,000 years, and all that could be obtained without the formation was obtained 3900 years ago.

Newton once said that he had seen farther than others, because standing on the shoulders of giants. Do not forget about it, try to climb on the shoulders of giants, there opens a wonderful landscape. Structure of the thesis. Firstly, never write an autobiography, do not write the way you came to the results, you have to present a theory, and not the way you have come to this. Now the name. Every thesis begins with the name. I want to give you an interesting example. There was a great Russian mathematician Alexey Krylov, for those who do not know, there is a method of Krylov-Galerkin method in differential equations. He came up with the theory of the stability of the ship, when the ship that received the one hand the hole, it is necessary to flood the symmetric part, to align it. Before he had the opinion that it is necessary to pump out the water. And he came up, it is necessary to flood. This was a great man, the whole theory of the ship, we can say, and it was developed by Euler.

In his book, he discusses an article by Academician, who was a great experimental physicist and one of his works explored that when a person sings, he tensed ligaments and this vision deteriorates. I found his article, it was published in the Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences in 1934. It is called "On the influence of singing on sight." Here in the "Bolshevik" magazine appears hysterical article with the question of what scientists spend the people's money. And Krylov writes that the content of the article by Academician Lazarev is mostly about the impact on the sensitivity of the eyes of external physical factors or irritation of other organs of perception, such as hearing loss. Thus, the article "On the influence of singing on vision" should be entitled "Influence of brain stimulation on hearing center of the brain center." Here we must remember Lord Kelvin, writes Krylov, who did not hesitate to give some of its articles are not in the name of three words, and fifty words, to make it clear what is at stake. Krylov's logic is as follows: smart - understand, and those who do not, do not understand and do not need to make them understand.