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Why do you need to use a proofreader

How to write a thesis

Before you start writing the dissertation, the applicant PhD degree must decide - as far as it is necessary degree, because writing the master's thesis involves 3-4 years of intense research, direct preparation of the dissertation, scientific articles, abstracts, publication of scientific papers and participation in scientific conferences, as well as the protection of personally prepared by the applicant of scientific work at the department, and the dissertation council.

It should be noted that the thesis - is not deducted from the work of several Internet based sources, and independently made a scientific work, having scientific novelty and making some contribution to the relevant field of expertise.

The first step in preparation for the writing of the dissertation is the choice of dissertation council, which will be prepared to defend the work of the applicant. It is obvious that in the Council the choice is largely influenced by the basic Jobseekers specialty, as well as the profile of its work in the last period of time. There is a good guide to writing a dissertation - a practical guide for graduate students and applicants.

The next step is to examine the passports of scientific specialties, for which the chosen dissertation council accepts dissertations for defense. (See. Passports scientists specialties).

Analysis passport specialty consultation with the supervisor and the teachers of the department to which the applicant attached, will enable him to determine the object and subject of research.

The object of research - a certain part of the study competitor science, processes and phenomena, which are the cause of the existence of unresolved issues to date.

Typically, not all of the object studied in the master's thesis, but only a part, such as: some elements of the object, its relationship and impact on each other, etc. "Object of research" The study of the concept of the object are determined. That is, the subject of the research is a specific part of the object.

After specifying the object and subject of research is necessary to consider the relevance of the test questions, ie to assess the timeliness and the need to address them.