Selection of postgraduate study in the first place is determined by the scientific interests of the future graduate students. If you go to graduate school immediately after graduation, then of course it is advisable to choose a graduate of the Institute, which you have just finished and the chair on which you defended the diploma. Regarding the choice of postgraduate dissertation proofreading topics, based on the relevance and novelty of the issues addressed in it, you can consult with specialists.

We go to graduate school after several years of work could significantly change the scope of research. But writing a thesis will have to graduate student, and also defend it on overcurrent protection and is himself a graduate student, not his head, so a graduate student must be fluent in the material in its area of ​​expertise, which necessitates a clear definition of scientific directions for future research. Scientific directions of such law, economics, education and others, covering the entire field of scientific knowledge. Therefore, the next step is to choose the choice of postgraduate scientific specialty. Research on specialty areas of knowledge classified proofreading. They have codes and presented at the proofreading website. Each specialty has its own passport, which describes the object of study of this specialty, as well as the range of issues addressed in this area. Decide with special need just because the dissertation councils take to protect clearly defined for this thesis work council.

The next step is to choose the choice of graduate school tuition. Currently, two forms of education: full-time and part-time. Full-time postgraduate provides that postgraduate studies is actually to your place of work. PhD student is required to attend training sessions and not only to attend the meetings of the department, but tons to actively participate in the life of the department and institution, and conduct classes with students to guide their practice, etc. When training in postgraduate employment history graduate student at the university kept. Education in postgraduate carried out both on budget and on a paid basis.

Correspondence Graduate School provides that the graduate student will receive the curriculum largely independently. If you select the correspondence postgraduate study in your city, you will be able to attend training sessions organized especially for part-time graduate students. If graduate school is in another city, then you will be trained on the manuals and allowances alone, but for exams and report to the department for the study year will have to come to the university. Selection of the budget or paid forms of education depends not only on entering graduate school. The number of budget places are always limited and admission to budget places passes through the competition, the results of which are determined by the results of entrance examinations. Having defined the area of ​​expertise, specialty and form of learning can begin to search for a suitable university for you. The first step is to get acquainted with scientific publications in the chosen field of study. The list of scientific journals proofreading publishes scientific articles both leading scientists and graduate students with an indication of higher education institutions and departments in which they are trained. The compositions of this information, a list of universities and graduate schools for the specialty proofreading you are interested, you can on the internet on websites of universities to become more familiar with the conditions and terms of admission to graduate school, the location of the university. Having defined the preliminary list of possible choice to post-graduate start collecting information about them. First of all find out the availability of the Dissertation Council at the university related to that specialty. To write a thesis and defend at the same institute, not only morally,

Check with the State Department of the teachers chosen, with their works, performed their research. If possible, talk with learners at selected department graduate. You should at the collected information to determine the reputation of the department chosen, successfully defended master's and doctoral theses on this chair, and then you can move to direct contacts with the staff of your chosen department and the Graduate Division. In particular, you can see the post-graduate course in Moscow. But remember that after admission to postgraduate 3-4 years you will cook in a team chosen department and the success of your protection, to a large extent will depend on the place you will occupy in the research team of the department.