These are, of course, major elements of the work, and if you didn't get on well with grammar at school or if your spelling is poor, this is almost certainly not the job for you.

After confirmation of the relevance of the research can determine the topic of the thesis, since it is the subject of study determines the theme of the thesis. Thesis usually includes part of the object language and the subject of research. The next step is the formation of a working hypothesis, ie the applicant using scientific prediction is to predict the expected result of work and proofreading. The formulation of the expected results in the dissertation work is characterized as a scientific position for the defense. After scientific statements it is advisable to formulate the purpose and objectives of the research, a decision which will lead to the achievement of the expected results. The aim of the work is usually completely in tune with the theme of the thesis with the addition at the beginning of the phrase: "to develop ..", or at the end of the phrase: "ensuring effective ...".

To form the objectives of the study is necessary to determine the basic research stages. At each stage of the study a particular problem is formulated. In addition, it should be noted that in the formulation of research problems formed the dissertation structure, because of the study are usually reflected in the titles of the individual chapters and sections.

Turnover is used when formulating the objectives: "to reveal the essence," to formulate and justify "," identify the factors "," consider "," analyze "," explore "," develop "," to determine the place. "
Obviously, to determine the goals and objectives of the study requires an analysis of the literature, ie, scientific works of domestic and foreign authors on the topic of the dissertation. Works predecessors study to determine the failure of maturity studied applicant questions, identifies the need for further research in this direction.
The next step is to develop a concept of work, which includes the main characteristics of the work and determines its scope.
The main features of the research include:

  • relevance an entire and objectives of the thesis object and subject of study
  • scientific novelty
  • Scientific position for the defense, and their reliability
  • Practical (economic, social) significance of the results.

In addition, the concept of it is advisable to submit a 3-5 page summary of the chapters of the thesis, on the basis of which the constructed of the research plan. That is the purpose of preparation of the concept is the realization of the vision of the author studied the problem and ways of its solution, the results and their scientific and practical significance.

The next step is to present the concept to the supervisor and the members of the department in order to obtain their comments and suggestions that will allow the applicant on the basis of their recommendations to exclude from consideration obviously wrong decisions tasks and specify your area of ​​research.

Thesis normally consists of a title page, introduction, main body, conclusions, bibliography and appendices. The introduction of the thesis, which are the main characteristics of the work, in a more extended form repeats the concept of work. Dissertation main text usually consists of three parts: Analytical, theoretical and practical, which can be formed into chapters 2-4.

The analytical part is performed literature review and research papers on the topic of the thesis, carried out their critical analysis and determines the range is not enough to study the issue, analyzes the research methods and their application to solving problems. Analytical part ends with conclusions about the need for further investigation of a matter. In the theoretical part of the applicant shall provide a description of its development, methods of their performance, resulting in the course of the study. In the practical part the results of the calculations, the experiments carried out in accordance with the author's developments, given their analysis. In conclusion, the applicant confirms the validity of the provisions of the dissertation research results of their research results in the main findings and recommendations on their use in theoretical and practical fields. The bibliography is in alphabetical order, the list of used literature. The applications results of calculations and experiments are provided as needed.

It should be borne in mind that in terms of the thesis should not be very large, it is sufficient if the body of the text of the dissertation will be presented on pages 100-120. This requires that the dissertation zaimstovaniya no other scientific works, in connection with which the thesis are checked for by antiplagiat system. You can also order the writing of a thesis - dissertation writing service to see to order and consultation to graduate students.