Thesis - is not an easy job, not least because it must contain a new idea, look at those scientific ideas that have already been voiced in the scientific world. It should not be written off from the Internet, even from multiple sources, the work, it must submit a separate treatise, which has a scientific novelty and contributes to the body of knowledge that were studied. It is hard to find new ideas and challenges to what has already been said to you. But, whatever may be the thesis, it is necessary to write a graduate alumni. If you observe a number of rules and listen to sound advice, your scientific work becomes your nightmare. specialists themselves once successfully wrote candidate and doctor, and now help in the writing of the various works, so happy to share with colleagues some tips that will facilitate the process of writing the thesis and help protect it at a decent level.

Why this issue is in the first place? Because of this decision depends largely on how well you can cope with the task. Do not choose the leader of their professor, who has a very busy schedule, constant traveling and very little free time. Such a man, of course, is very experienced and he was pleased to learn, but you simply can not pay enough attention, and as a result, the thesis will be written much worse than if the head have less eminent teacher. But do not forget the personal relations between you have to be at least neutral, you should feel respect to one another.

It is necessary to carry out that choice to writing the dissertation proofreading, guided by its core specialty and profile of work in a certain period of time. The next point of the work is to study the passport specialty. It is for him the chosen dissertation council produces reception dissertations for defense.
After analyzing the passport specialty, productive consultation with the supervisor, and your teachers of the department is determined by the object and subject of research. The object of study is called a certain part of the field of science, studied by the applicant in which the processes and phenomena are not fully understood. Task dissertation - a study of the object, it can be: certain parts of the subject, the study of their interaction and influence on each other, and much more. That part of the subject studied, and is called the subject of research.