• Copy-editing. Changes on proof are relatively expensive, so should be kept to a minimum. Corrections to grammar and spelling, application of house style and, especially, restructuring or rewriting should be tackled at the copy-editing stage, before typesetting and page layout.
  • Indexing the Society of Indexers can refer you to qualified indexers.
  • Page layout. This is another specialist skill.
  • Seeking permission(s) to use copyright material. Not only is this not a part of the proofreader's duties, but if permission is denied at this late stage, it can be costly. For example, if an illustration has to be withdrawn, this can have a serious effect on page layout. Permissions should be obtained before typesetting, if at all possible.

One of the sections of the introduction of the thesis proofreading is the validation of research results. Testing literally means "endorsement, approval, quality establishment." Currently, the term is understood Testing critical evaluation by the scientific community of scientific research of the applicant. And the assessment are exposed not only the final results of the work and methods of investigation, and interim results. Testing encourages the applicant to rethinking their research, the deeper their completion, helping the author to confirm or to understand the need to revise the provisions of the research. Obviously, tested with a view to the timely receipt of objective phase of the study assessments, conclusions and practical recommendations should be started from the beginning of writing a thesis. The most common ways to bring the scientific community of the thesis is a material part of the applicant in scientific conferences, symposia, presentations at faculty meetings, participation in various kinds of activities of the scientific community, training and referrals to various agencies on research proposals. Publications of the applicant in the form of books, abstracts at conferences, deposition of the research are also the approbation of research results. It should be noted that the proofread material submitted for testing shall be executed in the form of the text of the report, the draft of the message. It is advisable to conduct a discussion with colleagues, with the academic staff and teaching staff at the place of preparation of the dissertation. A positive aspect Approvals thesis at various scientific forums is not only the formation of the applicant as a scientist, but also to gain experience preparing reports and presentations, conducting scientific debate that will allow the applicant to carry out confidently defended the dissertation on the dissertation council meeting.