Preparation of a scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences consists of several stages, such as: graduate school (registration of job hunting), work on his thesis, renting candidate minimum, and overcurrent protection.   Each stage has its own characteristics and is made up of a number of sub-steps, for the successful implementation of which must have certain information.   Practice shows that the scientific supervisor often has no time for careful study and processing of your research, and to provide assistance in dealing with various organizational issues in preparation for the protection of your scientific work.   The site aims to help graduate students and applicants on almost all issues of writing and proofreading of the essay of the dissertation research. The site also will be useful for anyone who wants to understand what a post-graduate course and to choose profession, dissertation topic or school where it is possible in full-time or part-time graduate school to write and defend a thesis (graduate school of Moscow), and also represented the firm assisting in the writing and in preparations for the defense of dissertations (dissertation services available on request) and there is the opportunity to get advice on thesis writing.

Normative materials contained on the website, providing information about the requirements as a graduate student, and to his scientific work, the order of presentation and defense of a thesis, requirements for dissertation councils, scientific publications and other matters governed by the regulations, and answer the question how to write a thesis.   The site provides guidance on the choice of the theme of the research, justification of the relevance of the thesis and scientific novelty of the dissertation, the choice of the object of research and research methods, formulation of goals and objectives of the thesis, the formation of scientific provisions submitted for protection, a reflection of theoretical and practical significance of the work and the formulation of other necessary attributes dissertation research.

Presented on the site guidance on the content and design of abstracts designed to meet the requirements of proofread and dissertation councils.   Guidelines for the preparation of the thesis to the overcurrent protection will significantly reduce the time and avoid some mistakes, samples of documents required for the passage of overcurrent protection are shown on the website.   Also on site are samples needed for the proofreading of the thesis documents and recommendations for the preparation of the research to the defense. Samples of documents to be drawn up as a result of protection, and submitted to the HAC are also presented on the website. After reviewing the pages of the site post-graduate student will write the conclusions of the thesis dissertation and will issue easily.   Not all are listed online recommendations are binding, as each dissertation council has its own specifics, each supervisor of a vision of the order of execution of the dissertation, a scientific journal also has its own requirements for the format and design of scientific articles. At the same time, these recommendations are formed on the basis of regulations and take into account the experience of writing a thesis and subsequent successful document.