The next step is to formulate goals and objectives of the study. The aim of the thesis is virtually identical to the name of the research with the addition at the beginning of the phrase: "to develop ..", or at the end of the phrase: "ensuring effective ..." etc.

In formulating research objectives must be clear stages of research and for each of them to put a clearly defined task. Turnover is used when formulating the objectives: "to reveal the essence," to formulate and justify "," identify the factors "," consider "," analyze "," explore "," develop "," to determine the place. " At the end of the tasks recommended wording to indicate the purpose of solving the problem. In addition, it must be remembered that the formulated objectives define the name and content of the main chapters and sections of the dissertation.

Next in the introduction is characterized in a few sentences theoretical and methodological base of proofreading research, which contains a list of scientific fields considered, and are characterized by scientific methods used in the study. When the information base characterization studies are characterized by the sources of information for research.

The academic document is a scientific work that has defined the requirements for the structure, style of writing, the formulation of its basic characteristics (the theme, originality, scientific positions). It is clear that the applicant, having no experience in implementing research and descriptions, it is difficult to prepare a thesis formulation parameters, and the thesis text. The presence of various recommendations on writing the thesis both published and submitted to the inernet not facilitate the work of the applicant, as written in the main language of science, and often repeat each other. It is obvious that only experienced scientific staff can help to understand the complexities of the applicant in the preparation and writing of the dissertation. Such assistance is in addition to the materials published on the site may be provided by scientific advisers by phone or in person.