Proofreading working experience on manager positions at the international projects, reports and statements preparation in English language, as well as special economic education enable me to make translations in appropriate fields in highly professional way. Proofreading clients are international consulting and distribution companies. Translations are suitable for publishing and do not need proofreading. Proofreading offer is aimed at corporate clients. Translations from English into Russian Proofreading made in the range of: legal, management, production, marketing and advertising

Most often, there are three main cases, which require the preparation of the financial plan of the enterprise. This is primarily carried out for the one who initiated the project (often the administration). Also by competent preparation of this document it depends on whether investors are interested in the project, and whether the investments involved. In the third case, the document is required for the loan. All three areas are considered students of economics, so our task - to help you properly prepare financial projections so that they are, first of all, easy to read and does not cause additional problems, and secondly, isolated strong points of the enterprise, thirdly, stressed the effectiveness of planned activities. To venture investment project could be developed and implementation, our experts think through all the issues related to the organization and technical support, financing, plan the future profits, take into account the risks and expense items. A business plan will not only help an investor decide on the question "Do I need this", but also the management of your organization to deal with the problem areas previously overlooked business. In the banking system as business plans - is the basis for the issuance of the loan, taking into account the potential credit risk, interest rate, credit line.