It often happens that the next day you need to pass the exam, but my head is empty as in the student refrigerator. Compare - not compare, and to prepare the whole night have. It is a pity that the night consists of nine hours so it would be good anymore. So, in the evening you have to be, necessarily, from the textbooks at least the tickets and paid online. In addition, you'll need something tasty, often chocolate and nuts, as well as something of a strong invigorating drinks (not cognac, for it is too early to prepare for the exam for one proofreading take the exam). Try the evening, before sitting down for a closer examination of tickets, to settle all cases (girlfriend calls, clothes preparation for tomorrow, do not forget to send all households to sleep).

Then count how many tickets you have and how long it can allocate. For example, thirty-tickets, and by the time you are left with eight. So, divide, and it turns out approximately four tickets per hour. One ticket respectively allocate fifteen minutes. Of course, the fundamental training you obviously will not suffice neither time nor memory. Your task - to understand in general, what the specifics of the proofreading, the most general information that will allow the teacher to understand that you are at least something on the subject, but you know. The main thing that you are connected to each ticket could draw at least a five-minute speech.

What you need to do and can be done in fifteen minutes allotted for each ticket? Just do what we do something in a less tense situation is not recommended: get in the list of those tickets that you somehow familiar, try to understand exactly what you remember, mark them to them to return to case there is time. Thus, of the thirty tickets to the you have them twenty remain - twenty-two (means one ticket you can already identify an average of twenty minutes). Getting to work with the tickets. Finding information, we read it, do not try to remember everything, select only the most important, and it would be good at this time in a notebook to sketch a rough plan of response, at least three - five short sentences; if necessary, the date and the relevant information (recommendation - do it, just fire in cribs format).

If any of your attempts to close around the eye, take coffee, but not liters, not to overdo it, and in the morning not to seek pills for the stomach. After an hour - a half start a five-minute rest your eyes, at the same time and you can drink coffee, eat chocolate and have hated to run his business in a secluded room and do simple gymnastic exercises. Be warned - to rest your eyes by closing them for five minutes and is fraught with the fact that you wake up with no idea of ​​how you will respond today.

 When you find all the necessary information at least, it makes sense to view the found, that is, to repeat. Now look closely at their record in the form of small. Is there a need to take these little fellow helpers with him? If you feel that at all "floats" in the responses, then take them with you, consider the storage location. You know, there are in the exam situation where, for example, laboratory somewhere examiner called, or he urgently needed to get out. In this situation, a sin not to take advantage of the chance. But especially do not count on them, if you know that the teacher - a strict and principled. This, and not turn away anywhere, nor, especially, did not come when he has an audience full of proofreading fans

Try, nevertheless, sleep at least two hours, you will be able, at least a little, to recover. Do not forget to set the alarm before this, so as not to wake up to the distribution proofreading. Once awake, take a contrast shower, try to have breakfast, even if you do not want to look for breakfast. Dress made in the evening and at night charged cribs costume, hairstyle and do go ahead, do not hide from problems.

Try to go in the top five and answer without preparation (often teachers give students the opportunity for it throw one point above). Even if suddenly respond to deuce, the "troika" will be proofreading essay, however, pre-specify whether this option passes. If there is no such concessions, then do not take a chance, sit down and get ready. Try to remember everything that you know about the issues, draw yourself a response plan, to monitor the behavior and mood of the teacher. Note that if you are responsible, you have to really say, in any case, do not be silent. Even if it is what you say outright "water" or delirium, still talking. If you stop, pretend that you are very interested in hearing examiner additions, agree with his words, in general, participate in the conversation, to give the impression that you understand everything about what they say, just the excitement started to talk a little bit about something else. As you know, in preparing for the exam for one night, if you do not have much understanding of the subject, talking about the "good" ratings and "excellent" can only dream of. But you know, who wants to have that dream come true, so it is often the students who taught the tickets for only one night in the beautiful proofreading assessment. The brain under stress escalates, activates and enables more acute experience success. Success in your hopeless case, you certainly will succeed!