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Essay - a literary genre, which is based on associative thinking. The essay proofreading is a mini-essay with a free composition, expressing special experiences regarding a particular issue. This genre is very popular lately. Today essays quite often proposed as a task on a particular subject, as well as in other situations. For example, when entering a university or other institution, as well as employment essay is part of an overall package of documents

Essay writing is very useful, so everyone should know how this kind of mini-essays are written.
Plan essay
Introduction. Writing an essay can begin with some quotes, rhetorical question, problematic issue, a typical situation, the general information about the drop-down in the book problem, references to the authoritative opinion of the source, create a special emotional state, referring to the specific facts of the biography of the author describes, etc. In the introduction, be sure to take the reader to the formulation of the problem.

In the text, be sure to use the word "question" or "problem". The problem should cover the entire material in the book under review. In formulating the problem, you can use the most common phrases cliché: the text raises the problem, the author raises the problem, etc.   The following commentary on the issue. You can touch on the question of history and consider different points of view. It is also permissible to use a cliché phrases.   After that you need to reveal the author's position. It can be overt and covert.   The penultimate step is academic proofreading to describe the agreement or disagreement with the opinion of the author. The point of view should argue.

Finally, we came to a conclusion. It should summarize the entire essay, written to summarize and draw appropriate conclusions. To improve the overall appearance of your mini-essays, you can use sub-headings. This will be easier to read the text and take it to trace the general logic. Pay attention to the volume of essays. It should take no more than seven pages of printed text. Specifically specify the subject compositions. The essay should answer only one question. Do focus on trust-style communication with the reader. Let the story is exciting. Avoid complicated sentences and obscure sayings. Try to surprise the reader, pondering some aphoristic saying. Do not use slang in an essay, and reduce frivolous tone. At the same time, do not use fancy phrases, the text was clear to any reader.