Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:27:04 in Proofreading

The introductory part introduces the reader to the subject of writing and leads to the disclosure of basic aspects of the work. It is possible to describe the name of the theme works, reveal the essence of the name, ask to which the answer will be revealed in the content and summarized in the conclusion.

For example, written essay on "The Nature of native land." Describe in the introduction, what is remarkable native environment, and why the natural beauty of his native land served as the theme of the works. If the essay on seasons, describe why it is considered the year was the theme of the works than it affects you during this period, what attracts and maybe of particular sympathy favorite time of year.

The content of the - most important, the main part of the work, the theme is revealed in it, explained the essence of the works. Show your vision of nature as they see the nature of the other authors in the literature. Avoid simple exposition or narration, consciously try to describe the most vivid impressions, which leaves you nature.

For greater clarity, try to mentally walk through the haunts of the native forest, to look into the favorite places of native wildlife, describe what you see around you, how imagine the nature and what nature has meaning for you. Understanding report composing the theme to the reader will be the main task of the content of the work.

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