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First of all, you do not need to have a rich imagination to write good essays. There probably need to have an iron logic! Logic, almost a lawyer. So this problem is quite tough for those students who have everything in order with math. And the very work it should remind the lawyer or the prosecutor in court. It all depends on your relationship to the protagonist or theme works. About themes. After all, it all starts with them. And construction work just depending on the chosen theme. In literature there are works of topics:

  • one dedicated to the protagonist
  • addressed several of the main characters of the work or works of different
  • a comparative analysis of the character of the work or works of different
  • devoted to the description of the city, events, nature
  • devoted to the writer
  • dedicated to the work as a whole
  • dedicated to genre literature
  • on the topic not related to artwork


Those compositions can be vast. And evaluation works will depend on, among grammar primarily on how well the disclosed subject. And therefore, the most important question is "How to develop a theme works"? Here with it I propose to deal.

So, at the beginning of this article I said that the work on the composition is similar to the work of a lawyer in court. Imagine that works devoted to the theme of Tatyana Larina. Sounding the theme is so - "The image of Tatyana Larina in Pushkin's" Eugene Onegin novel. " If you have not read the novel, you write a good essay will be almost impossible. It's just that the lawyer undertakes to protect his charge, not even really knowing the whole essence of the case. And so, let's say that you still read the novel. During the reading you have formed your opinion about Tatiana. It you like, or, on the contrary, did not cause any sympathy. Depending on their relationship to the main character, which is dedicated to the theme of the works, you need to choose a place in the courtroom, either the lawyer or the prosecutor. Judge will act teacher. And you have to prove to him the truth of his relationship to the accused, ie, the main character of the work. To do this you need to build the correct logical protection or charge line. The court did not simply say, "It is bad!", Any word you need to prove. Therefore, if you do not like Tatiana Larina, your task is to identify the maximum number of its shortcomings and to show exactly what she did not like you. For example, his reticence, perhaps too much courage and openness, lack of interest in fashion, insularity, not the ability to flirt with men, etc. You have to convince those present in the courtroom of the correctness of its findings with respect to the defendant. However, a simple listing of the shortcomings in the court can not take into account. They should be supported by evidence. And what in the literature is the evidence? Quotes! Therefore, immediately prior to the works of the lawyers think through a clear line of logic evidence of opinion. If Larina bad, how and what you can prove it? Take the text of the novel, and it looked for all the moments associated with Tatiana. It is very useful to use the summary of the book chapter by chapter. This allows much faster to navigate in the product. You will find the right moments, make a bookmark or write out the dates for the protection or charges (depending on your position in relation to the main character), quotes. When highlights are marked, you can easily sketch a plan for the future works. According to the plan very clearly seen that the most logical chain of your brilliant performance in court. And now you can start writing essays. In the introductory part is usually written, that you have recently been read it is a product of a certain author. You can add a couple of lines about his attitude to the author, to announce that the other works like more or less, on the contrary, lower. Then gradually move to the topic of the work. If we take the example of the same Tatyana Larina, then it might look like this: "In" Eugene Onegin "I have not left indifferent Tatiana Larina. While reading, I admired her manner, openness and honesty ... "Either you write exactly the opposite:" Reading, I wondered how she could be indifferent to fashion, do not know how to flirt, be artless and dull. Many admired like women, but I have a completely different taste. "Thus, you have indicated that they related to the main character. We should remember that all essay should be proofread before submission.

Now we can move on to the main part of the works and to prove a point by point, highlighting their individual paragraphs, what exactly you do not like or liked, and why. You can start this way: "For the first time Pushkin acquaints us with Tatiana in Chapter such and such. He wrote that Tatiana was unsociable and .... " This is where you give the first evidence-quote. Then express your personal opinion. In the next paragraph you begin to argue that Tatiana boring men. You can compare it with Olga Larina. Because Olga was a success in men, as opposed to Tatiana. However, if you are a lawyer Tatyana Larina, the same comparison can rotate in the desired direction and to show fickleness Olga, Tatiana, as opposed to loyalty. All the qualities that you have written in the introductory part of the works, must be proved in the main. If you wrote that Tatiana is intelligent, then give a quote or describe the moment of proving its mind. If you write, what you think is true and decent Tatiana, explain why think so. When your every word will be substantiated, we can move on to conclusions that are usually placed in the final part of the work. Good repeat the words of the title composition. For example, "From all the above, I concluded that the image of Tatyana Larina consists of such traits of her character, as fidelity, simplicity, honesty, openness and integrity. I believe that any man lucky in life when he meets as a wife a girl like Tatiana Larina. " She can write, she would like to be like Tatiana, she will try to match the image of Pushkin's Tatyana. This work can be considered as written and proforead.

Once again - any good essay on literature must contain quotes, clear logic and reasoning on his own opinion. The teacher is not required to evaluate your personal opinion on the actions of the main characters, and the knowledge of the works of the text and its analysis. You can justify the criminals, if you allow your morals, but you can not move away from the product text.

Similarly, write an essay on the events or description of nature. You should also think about their attitude to the event or natural phenomenon, as described in the product, and then determine its place in the court. Just consider his defense or the prosecution line. To do this, select the points that can be cited as evidence of their opinions and develop a performance plan. Further in the text to find clues and start writing essays.

There are essays on any subject. For example, "How I spent my summer." Such compositions the most difficult to write. Citations not. Where to get the evidence base? What do write? Where to start and how to finish? How to write essays on any subject? What you need to present in the courtroom? Let's talk about this.

Proofreading of essay will help to understand and improve the content of the article.