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So, you have passed the entrance tests in the magistracy, ahead of - Master's thesis, how to write this treatise?

1. Choose a topic
To begin with the choice of working topics. If you are not ready to determine you are interested in the sphere of science, select a topic from the list of the Department. Sometimes undergraduate initially knows what question he would investigate - then validate their own future dissertation topics in the scientific adviser. Initiative and enthusiasm for science, as a rule, encouraged by teachers and scientists.

2. Writing a plan of work for 2 years
Once the theme is chosen work, prepare a plan of writing and proofreading a thesis. You have 2 years left to formulate new and emerging science issues and to find answers to them. Key aspects of scientific work (even masters and doctorate) are relevance and novelty. Your scientific research activities are aimed at new or unexplored fields of knowledge - only in this case, you can qualify for a scientific degree.

3. Operating question
The first step in the preparation of the master's thesis will be the study of theoretical material on the chosen topic. Examine existing publications, prepare historically built database of Russian and foreign sources. Deep dive into the literature on the subject will help to formulate hypotheses for the study and head Draw a clear plan for the future structure of the thesis. Valuable ideas, information rendered in the appropriate section of research - a literature review. As it is important to discover the essence of the problems, demonstrate the lack of research on the issue.

4. Determine research methods
Think and specify a way to solve the problem indicated. The method does not need to be innovative, it is likely that the existing study options to help achieve this goal. Choose the right and proceed directly to the experiment.

5. investigate and fix the result
Progress in research and findings in the record and submit a thesis. Final conclusions specify in custody. Also, at this stage of the work on the thesis it is recommended to write an introduction and explanatory note. All 3 parts - a summarizing scientific work, to generalize the outcomes, to make and formulate them much easier when behind - already finished work.

What if the timing for writing a thesis short
These preparation steps can be reduced over time, if there is a question how to write and proofread a master's thesis for a month before you. The sequence of actions will continue, but significantly reduced the term allotted to the study. Remember that when you write science-intensive labor in a short time, in no case can not be sacrificed sleep. Without the restoration of your brain just can not cope with the increased load and quickly refuse to work at all. Plan your vacation days in advance and do not stray from certain at the beginning of the schedule.