Proofreading rules

Posted on 29th May 2017 21:41:34 in Proofreading

In each controversial case of reasoning about causality, the following verification rules, recommended by the already mentioned American expert on oratory art, Paul P. Soper, are used.

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Application of logical laws and proofreading rules

Posted on 3rd May 2017 23:11:12 in Proofreading

The text of scientific work differs from any other primarily its logicality. Therefore, whatever mistakes from the point of view of logic the authors of dissertational works did in the description of the course of research, one can always prove that any mistake of this kind is ultimately to violate the requirements of a certain logical law: the law of identity, the law of contradiction, the law of the excluded third and Law of sufficient cause. Therefore, it makes sense to consider these laws in more detail.

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The composition of Dissertation

Posted on 8th Apr 2017 00:56:20 in Proofreading

Since the thesis is a qualifying work, it is evaluated not only by theoretical scientific value, relevance of the topic and the applied significance of the results obtained, but also by the level of the general methodological preparation of this scientific work, which is reflected, first of all, in its composition.

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How to write an essay

Posted on 13th Nov 2016 20:52:18 in Proofreading

Tips that will be very usefull for both first-year and senior students. 

At the present stage of development of transport companies in the world is the question about the peculiarities of accounting and tax accounting and generally about the normative regulation of the transport firms.

The relevance of the chosen topic due to the importance of financial results as a separate accounting object that determines the final outcome and the effectiveness of the commercial organization, as it is the main criterion of successful business management.

Financial results characterize the absolute efficiency of managing the company in all areas of its activities: industrial, commercial, procurement, Finance and investment. They are the basis of economic development of the enterprise and strengthening its financial relations with all participants of commercial activities. However, different users of financial statements interest on financial results is different. Thus, the administration of the enterprise are interested in the mass of profits, its structure and factors affecting its value. Tax authorities are interested in obtaining reliable information on the taxable base for the profit tax. Potential investors interested in issues of quality of profit, i.e. the stability and reliability of profit in the near and foreseeable future, to select and justify the investment strategy.

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How to proofread and write an introduction to your essay

Posted on 23rd Oct 2016 17:42:59 in Proofreading

Tasks referred to as ways to achieve the goal. This series of actions that the student carries out to achieve the goal. Tasks should be no more than five, namely, that the graduate set himself up for the purpose to study, to analyze, identify gaps, improve methods, to develop a new formula, the concept, improve the strategy and so on.proofreading service

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Working and proofreading the text of the thesis

Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:54:12 in Translation, Proofreading

Working and proofreading the text of the thesis, the author notes that his powers are waning fast. To kick-start with a few pages a day, gradually reducing the daily rate, and then did make a long break. One of the possible reasons for this decrease in performance - an unreasonable schedule. Do you feel intuitively that there is a presentation system that will allow you to intelligently and just talk about the subject.

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How to write a master's thesis

Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:44:43 in Translation, Proofreading

Master's thesis is the result of two years of scientific work Bachelor, the result of research or experiment, informed of the results and conclusions. Scientists colleagues, first of all, want to see the scientific potential of the young author, disclosed in the manifestation of the professional skills and competence - the ability to observe, analyze, ask questions and answer them well.

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Essay proofreading

Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:37:12 in Proofreading

Very often, for pupils of one of the biggest challenges in education are essays on literature. And if the usual household compositions problem is somehow solved the exam works are simply insurmountable obstacle and proofreading. In fact, the lion's share of difficulties due to the fact that children simply do not know exactly how it is necessary to write an essay on literature, which end taken up this challenge.

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How to write an essay on literature

Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:33:47 in Proofreading

Wonder many students. "I can not write well essays, as I bad with imagination "- say some students. "I'm not a humanitarian! I have a mathematical mind! Therefore, the composition can not I write perfectly! "- Say others. And I'm ready for this bill to say the following.

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Writing an essay

Posted on 4th Apr 2016 14:27:04 in Proofreading

If we want to write a very ordinary school work, then we look at it here on an actual example. We will adhere to three (classical) main parts: Introduction; content; Finally.

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