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Posted on 13th Nov 2016 20:52:18 in Proofreading

Tips that will be very usefull for both first-year and senior students. 

At the present stage of development of transport companies in the world is the question about the peculiarities of accounting and tax accounting and generally about the normative regulation of the transport firms.

The relevance of the chosen topic due to the importance of financial results as a separate accounting object that determines the final outcome and the effectiveness of the commercial organization, as it is the main criterion of successful business management.

Financial results characterize the absolute efficiency of managing the company in all areas of its activities: industrial, commercial, procurement, Finance and investment. They are the basis of economic development of the enterprise and strengthening its financial relations with all participants of commercial activities. However, different users of financial statements interest on financial results is different. Thus, the administration of the enterprise are interested in the mass of profits, its structure and factors affecting its value. Tax authorities are interested in obtaining reliable information on the taxable base for the profit tax. Potential investors interested in issues of quality of profit, i.e. the stability and reliability of profit in the near and foreseeable future, to select and justify the investment strategy.

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