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English Proofreading & Grammar Check

We have provided proofreading and editorial services for thousands of students over the years. We work with hundreds companies around the world, often on commercially sensitive documents. Our business editors are a rare breed, having both top-level commercial experience and the highest standards of written English.


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UK Universities and Institutions

Proofreading will correct, improve & ensure:

  • English grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Typographical errors
  • Vocabulary is suitable for academic writing
  • Text is in good academic English style
  • Typographical errors
  • Consistent and correct use of technical terms

Proofreading professional team of proofreaders ensure the distinction and perfection of your thesis, dissertation, essay, correspondence, mails and any other texts in terms of style, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. That will make your work stand out! Proofreading by a qualified editor will identify grammar mistakes that cannot be checked by automatic checkers.

FREE proofreading & Editing service

We want to show you exactly how we can improve your essay, thesis, journal article, dissertation, or book manuscript. We will make important recommended changes to a portion of the first page of your document to enhance style and readability. We will also identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, word choice or mechanics.

FREE proofreading

Academic Proofreading

We are established proofreading service for students and tutors. Thesis and coursework proofreading. We employ academic proofreaders and editors for all courses offered by UK universities.

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Business Proofreading

We provide proofreading services for all types of business: from annual reports and analysis for the financial sector; leaflets, posters and brochures for design and advertising agencies.

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Proofreading Services

We offer a genuine, fast and reliable service to hundred thousands of public sector institutions around the world. Our proof-readers have specialist knowledge in a broad range of scientific, economic and other areas.


Example of proofreading

Why use Proofreading Services

Great attention should be paid to the style of the article or the text in English. Each subject bears its own meaning, and it is aimed at a specific audience - scientific, business or youth. And perception of the entire article depends on the text stylistics. In order to provide exactly the right article meaning, a professional proofreader will correct the text according to your subject that will give you confidence in achieving the desired result. This will give a solid foundation and platform for own positioning as a professional specialist, claiming for recognition as a competent and experienced author, because these are publications in journals that allow the author to disclose all his scientific and business potential in the article, which gives a powerful impulse to the development of the project in this field.

Fast Turnaround

Fast, affordable, high quality proofreading. Open 24/7/365 with fast guaranteed turnaround times.